Sunday, April 17, 2011

Craig's brother and family came down to visit and do the Disneyland thing last week. The boys LOVED seeing their cousins (this morning Van put on his fake cry when I told him they were gone).

In backwards order, we hit the beach! This happens to be the same beach we went to the last (and only other) time we went to Malibu instead of Ocean Park. The parking was crazy and it was very crowded, but the kids had a fabulous time.

It's all about the snacks.
Con pretty much didn't come out of the water the whole time, even though the waves were pathetic.
8 years in Los Angeles and this was the first time we hit Universal Studios! It was a mixed bag (hot day, lost sunglasses, the normal theme park issues) but in the end it was great and we're glad we did it.

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