Sunday, February 13, 2011

Window shopping at ETSY

I've been wanting a hanging fruit basket for awhile now. This one is more than I'd want to spend but I LOVE how it is something practical made into art. I mean, really? Gorgeous. HERE

Have you ever seen a cuter plush toy? I declare, I have not. And, it's called "Yeti of the Night", even a cute name!- HERE.

I know they are not practical for a mother of small children (torn earlobe, anyone?) but I'm loving these super long feather earrings - HERE.

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Catherine said...

I L.O.V.E. to wear dangly earrings but EVERY time that I put them on I have that same fear... Is someone going to grab my earring and rip my earring hole? (wince and cringe inside EVERY TIME I think of it...)

Still... I will wear my dangly earrings.

Love the ones you picked!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute little Yeti...

NEED one of the fruit hanging things for myself now. Gorgeous!