Monday, November 08, 2010

World Map Quilt

Craig gave me all of Saturday "off" to do whatever I wanted! Yay! After heading out for some shopping and lunch with Hannah, I came home and kicked them all out so I could finally work on my world map quilt that I have been wanting to make for several months now.

First, I laid the map out on my water fabric to make sure it would fit properly:

Then, I cut out each individual continent (I'm adding small islands- like Taiwan, Iceland, Tasmania - later) and placed it on the water fabric, and pinned it down.

I cut out the fabric in the continent shape, slid my "land color" fabric underneath, and pinned them together.

I will reverse applique them to the quilt, going around each continent two or three times with my thread.

This part is coming together faster than I thought it would - it's really exciting!


Gurgy said...

Awesome idea!

Jeanne said...

oooh, oooh I love that blue! Post more pics of the quilt as you finish it-I'd love to see how it turns out!

Catherine said...

I wanna come and craft with you!!!

Remember when we used to be able to do that stuff together all of the time?!!

Penelope Crackers said...

Holy Smokes! You are amazing! That's going to look sooooOOOoooo good! Wish I knew how to quilt.

Penelope Crackers said...
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