Monday, November 22, 2010

I took Fletch and Van to Travel Town museum on Thursday to celebrate Isaac's 3rd birthday. We hadn't been since Fletcher was about Van's age, so he really didn't remember it.

You can tell he's not very happy:

From the parking lot, Van saw all the big trains lined up and started pointing and saying, "Train, train, train, train!" and then once we started heading toward the entrance it was, "RUN! RUN! RUN!" He was so excited! They had two trains that could be climbed on and explored, and then we took the little mini-train ride around the park.
Good times had by all.


Gurgy said...

You know....for $91.00 for 5 tickets (2 adult, 3 children) you can catch the following Amtrak train from LAX to Santa Barbara (1 way) and have someone meet you in Santa Barbara to pick you up... The ride lasts 2 1/2 hours and would run along the coast (which would be beautiful). There is also the 763 which leaves around 9AM instead of the 7:30 AM of the 799 train.

799 Pacific Surfliner

2010-11-27T07:35:00.000-08:00 Los Angeles, CA
Union Station
Departs: 7:35 AM
Sat Nov 27 2010
Los Angeles, CA - Union Station (LAX)
Station News Arrives: 10:12 AM
Sat Nov 27 2010
Santa Barbara, CA (SBA) Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara

Station News PT2H37M Duration: 2 hr, 37 min Amenities
Seat 5 Reserved Coach Seats

Kristen said...

Pick us up? Or we could just ride it back... :) Thanks annie!! That is a really cool idea!

Catherine said...

Um.... could Fletcher look any more like you?!!

Wow! I was floored to see just how big he was. In my mind he's still the little boy with the sad Spiderman face that I just want to hug until I squish him!

Now I see that there is another little VanDyke running around in need of a good squishing.

As soon as I can, I'll be there! (That's not actually an announcement for anything... just sayin' that I miss you!)