Saturday, July 31, 2010

Notes on a Week.

because our current place has tons of closet storage, we have been hanging most of our clothes and using plastic bins for the stuff we can't hang. The house does not have much closet storage at all - so it was time to look for some real furniture.

found this on craigslist for a really nice price. am in love.

somebody is obsessed with wearing shoes.

all. the. time.

however, clothing is optional.
the apartment has towers growing in it now. against this wall and that, in nooks and crannies.

he knows what to do with 'em!


Amber said...

So where did you guys end up at? Good luck with the move. I'm excited for you to be getting a house.

Amber said...

Oh fun! I hear Burbank has some great schools. I bet you guys will love it there. So happy for you! Post pictures when you get all settled.

Sarah Smiles said...

That reminds me of Ivan climbing the boxes as we packed to move from Wymount!