Thursday, July 22, 2010

1. I do not like tomatoes. I do not like them, Sam I Am! I never have.

2. I keep getting tomatoes with our CSA produce box. I cannot waste them!

3. My friend/neighbor is a peach and shows me awesome things to do with tomatoes. So I can eat them.

These were cherry tomatoes. I cut them all in half, and put them on a sprayed baking sheet with aluminum foil on it.

Then I added a tiny bit of olive oil (i put it on each one with a dropper. probably you don't have to be as anal as all that). And added a tiny bit of salt.

And roasted them for 3 hours on 250. And they taste divine. And I am making sausage and tomato and basil pasta for dinner tonight.


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Gurgy said...

I do not like them either, I even do not care for ketchup.. yes I know I am un-American. But... I love fresh salsa and have an absolute wonderful salsa recipe if you want it, I have been looking into a test kitchen to try and market it but with the economy the way it is I think I will wait!