Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a dear friend of mine decided last week to spend some time on me and used her lovely talents to make me a miniatures box of sweet things. she sent me a mini fairy painting (she makes great fairies):

a mini elven shoe (connor declared "that is not an elf shoe mom, elves are huge.) He's such a Tolkien purist.... (he probably doesn't know who Tolkien is truthfully)

also a mini teacup and saucer and some super cute animal chocolates that my husband wondered if she made herself and I said, "no of course not! she's not crazy!" and then I looked at them and thought maybe she actually had made them and in that case I feel very bad for not taking a picture of them when I said I would but I was just too busy eating them to go get my camera.

I picked up some batiks last week for my newest project that I want to do (add that to the dozens of projects I want to do but haven't started yet. frightening.) but I won't tell you what it is I'll just show as I go along. I like the fabrics a lot, but I'm going to have to replace the darkest one with something just a little lighter... any suggestions on a great batik store online?

wish me energy, motivation, and a happy baby! (he turns 1 next week!!)


Gurgy said...

No way he is turning 1 already?? Wow time flies.

Hannah said...

fun stuff from K.! so, what is a batik?

Nanette said...

Yea for Penelope!