Friday, May 14, 2010

i know. I. KNOW. it's just that I'm so boring right now and I haven't taken any new pictures in weeks, and excuse excuse excuse.

I really need to post this one though: all of the Van Dyke cousins who were at grandpa DeLay's funeral in April:

minus one sibling's kids, and Stevie who couldn't come. Fletch was bummed about that. He adores Stevie. "He must really like me, Mom. Because he calls me 'sir'." Someday - maybe - we'll manage to get ALL of them together at once!

in other news, there is no other news because I am boring and have done my best to turn into a hermit. Craig's crazy hours, which were supposed to be done in March or April, are going through May. The only consolation being that the movie comes out in June so it has to stop sometime, right? RIGHT?!

The boys are terribly excited right now because the Father/Son campout is tonight and they are headed up to the canyons to explore and get dirty. All 3 of the boys were going to go this year but it looks like that won't happen after all (illness has infested the ranks) so it'll be me and the babe for the night and tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'm entertaining enough! I have borrowed some animal movies which will hopefully enthrall him. His first real word was "cat" after all. (although one day it sounded remarkably like he said "chocolate". That's my boy!)

I will try to be interesting v. soon. Wish me luck.

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Gurgy said...

LOL Hope that they had fun on their camp out and that you survived the time with just you and the baby hehe...