Wednesday, March 10, 2010

that day, 9 years ago, when my first baby crawled over to the bathroom door and started crying because it was shut and I was inside; that wasn't entirely surprising.  I had watched 3 sisters do that to my mom and I really didn't have much of a problem with just leaving the bathroom door open. So I did, and everyone was happy.

the fact that that same baby who is now almost 10 still thinks he can come and knock on the bathroom door and ask me a question or have a full conversation or get me to sign a permission slip when Daddy is just in the other room is beside the point.

the point is, that I am having a bit of a new experience with my newest bathroom door screamer. having the door open is not enough. he has to be on my lap. 
On My Lap. While I Pee. 

and I cannot put him down in order to pull up, zip, and button my pants. not if I don't want him to start screaming bloody murder at me. 

here's the clencher though, and I'm going to need some support on this one. I'm going to need you ladies to come out and say, "I'm here for you Kristen, I've had to do it too."; sometimes he's not happy until not only is he in my lap, but is latched on and having himself a little snack. 


I get that I could just let him fuss and cry and scream and I could just watch those huge tears fall down his face and see the bottom lip poke out while I do my business. Except that I cannot. It is like torture. For both of us.  And so, every once in awhile (just a few times, but really, each time I sit there and I think to myself, "really? REALLY?") I find myself in that position.

tell me you have found yourself in it too. 


Maxine Parrish said...

Okay, I might have just peed myself laughing over this one. Totally caught me off guard. Thanks. And no, that hasn't happened to me yet, but Isaac does routinely try to join me in the shower (curse these sliding doors!).

Gurgy said...

ok I cannot post what I was going to say I will EMAIL it instead lol.


Kristen and Ryan said...

I admit I have held a child while on the toilet. You have to be one talented lady to nurse and do your business.

Staci said...

Oh come on, you know what my answer to this is...

Hannah said...

So this is funny. Totally need to save to go in your chic lit book.

Erin said...

Nah. Never. Ever. I tell people you're not a mom until you can nurse while before, during, & after going pee. I'm a mean mom though, ask anyone who knows us.