Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this plum tree is about 7 feet from my parent's back door, it's top leaves here level with the upper deck. This is what it looked like on Friday.
there was a constant "piff, whiffle" of leaves falling all weekend.

by sunday afternoon the tree looked like this: 

we got to see fall colors! I kept exclaiming at trees and pointing them out to the boys. Connor thought they were all very nice but fletcher was less impressed. "more yellow, mom. why do you like yellow so much?"


Gurgy said...

HAHA... from the sounds of it he is a "yellow" in personality lol. You will have to look it up in your mom's "color" code book and see. But that is ok your Aunt Terri and I are both yellows (though I had to learn "red" tendencies) lol. Love ya'll!

Kristen and Ryan said...

It looks beautiful there! I love fall!

Penelope Crackers said...

Gurgy's comment is funny because that's exactly me- a yellow that's had to learn red tendencies. :) I love those trees. I'm so impressed you got a before and after shot of that tree.