Sunday, August 23, 2009

when I was little and we had family gatherings (which was often) the grown-ups would always gather at the table after dinner to play some game or other. shortly after I got married, Grandma and several of her children moved to Alabama, and I never got a chance to learn many of those games. 

so we made Grandma teach us Mexican Train Dominoes while she was here.  We've played it several times since, and even the boys can play. Good times!

When I took her to the airport to leave, Fletcher decided to come with us.  He chatted up people in line, asked questions of the security guards, threw change at random in the gate area; and then when Nana got on the plane we walked to the window to see if we could find her seat. 

We did - 2nd window from the front. "See, there's her white jacket and she is holding her book." But she would have had to hunch way over to look out the window at us, so fletcher just gave a little wave and whispered, "Bye bye, Nana."  It just about killed me. 

Miss you already, Grandma!

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