Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Baby Van has a tooth!  and he is determined to eat anything that comes within sight. He got really mad at me for keeping the newspaper out of his reach this morning. 

While Nana is visiting the boys have been sleeping in their sleeping bags. They are in heaven.

It's been a nice visit - despite three and a half days in the hospital for her (THAT was fun) - and the boys are just in love with Nana and full of information for her and questions too.  Connor sits and listens to her stories and our conversations and begs us to keep talking when we run out of ready things to say.  

I've been so glad to have her here, too! I can use my serger now! Still have to study up on all the things it can do but at least now I know how to thread the beast... Thanks, Grandma!

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The Au Family said...

He is getting so big! Got to love teething. Benjamin is getting his first two right now. They grow up too fast. I just got my baby update email that Benjamin will be one in 6 weeks! Yikes!