Friday, April 24, 2009

This super cute pillow was in my latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They said it was $30 at

The good news? It's actually $23. The bad news? you can't actually shop Pier 1 online. I have to go to the store. When, I ask you, am I going to manage to get out to Pier 1 to go pillow shopping?  

Having 3 kids at home is not a big deal. It's fine. It's the same adjustment one would expect with simply having a baby in the house. But the going-out part, the running-errands part; this has become far more complicated. 


Wendy said...

Hey- I can go shopping for you if you want! Isn't that what a good visiting teacher would do for you?? Besides, shopping is my middle name :)

Staci said...

The good news is you spend less money as a mom of three, because shopping is not super high on the agenda.

Pomona Noltes said...

Love the pillow! Worth the $23. You are right. Having more kids doesn't make you that much more crazy than when you had your 1st. Actully, from the 2nd on, it's about the same amount of crazy...BUT I'll tell you this...THERE IS MORE NOISE. Good luck with that, Kristen!

Catherine said...

Don't you have a live-in servant?

Oh! Wait! That was your sister! Never mind.

I'm surprised you even have time to browse the web.