Monday, June 25, 2007

Last year the summer movie selection did not thrill me. There were a few that I was excited about, and most of them disappointed me. This year, I'm afraid I we might bankrupt ourselves watching all of these AWESOME films. It doesn't help that the summer book roster is looking so hot as well. But I have another blog for that.

I am having some difficulty trying to figure out our weekend around both Ratatouille and Die Hard. Because I WILL see them both this weekend. And then comes Transformers on the 4h of July which looks way more awesome than it has any right to. And THEN. Harry Potter. Not just one, mind you! A double whammy of Harry Potter! Because the Very Last Book comes out the week after the 5th movie, and if I die before I get to read/watch all of the things on my summer list I am going to seriously have words with my guardian angels. (yes. I am that shallow).

Also, I am happy to see that the trailer of Becoming Jane makes it look like the movie might actually be good (because when I heard about it, I was nervous) besides having a cast that I love. It will be nice to see James McAvoy in a film where he has his own legs and ears. He is also in Penelope (coming out this year) which is going to be so cute I can hardly stand it.

This picture of Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen? Exactly how I picture the perfect day/evening/moment. Writing, by hand, in front of a window, with a frilly white nightgown. I am so not kidding.


Erin said...

You slay me...& I'm totally with you. Evrytime we go to the movie
& I see the new HP trailer I am giggling like a school-girl & practically have tears in my eyes by the end of it. Every-single-time. Rick, of course, thinks I'm crazy.

Rochelleht said...

Saw your comment on my blog!

My girlfriends and I went to England last month and visited the Jane Austen House. They had the costumes from the movie and all the people in the museum loved the movie, so I'm SUPER excited to see it in August. We tried to see it while we were there, but it had already left the theatre.