Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sometimes it's hard to say why you want something. For instance, I hate the belt, and the colors are too loud - I would never wear it. Really I wouldn't. But I would want to. Every single day. I would open my closet and WANT to wear this dress. And then I would think of a reason why I couldn't (that my dh would not be caught dead with me in it, for one) and pick something else and it would just hang there, adored and never worn. I hope that someone sees it and wants it who WOULD wear it. And I hope she feels fabulous in it! It's on ebay. The link won't copy but it's an easy find under "Green Plaid Empire Waist Dress".



Penelope Crackers said...

What in the world are you talking about!? The colors are perfect and the belt is fabulous! I would wear that dress all the time if I had it. I love it! Thanks for posting. I'm going to have to check on ebay now. Probably it's much too small.

Catherine Hardy said...

That's what I was thinking... It looks waaayyyyy too small for me but it's a FANTASTIC dress!!!! It's too bad you don't wear it. Maybe you should just put it on to do the dishes or something.


Janelle said...

Kristen, if ANYONE could get away with wearing that dress it would for sure be you! It screams "Kristen"! It would look AMAZING on you! And let your "dh" get over it! I promise that after one hour of wearing it in public you would get so many compliments that he would start to like it too!