Saturday, February 03, 2007

I am just going to take a moment for some guiltless bragging and patting-self-on-back -ing. :) Because the world of fiction is changing ladies! And who will be the queen? That would be Stephenie Meyer.

I can now shamelessly credit at leat 25 people to my list of "I read this book because of Kristen" and I am enormously pleased with myself over it. (Steph, I'd like to be at least a Duchess in your little kingdom, whaddayathink?)

If you are a woman, and you have not read this book, your life is not what it could be! You are living a HALF life! An UNFULFILLED life! Now, don't be put off that it is a Young Adult book. Do NOT be put off that it is a vampire book. I have never read Anne Rice in my life, folks. This book, and it's sequel, "New Moon" are ..... I do not have words. Read them, and you can join me in praise-with-no-words-good-enough. You will not be sorry. You will call all of your friends. Trust me.

And I have met Stephenie Meyer and she deserves every little bit of her weeks on the Best Seller list. May she die rich and loved and happy. After she has written many, many more books.

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Catherine Hardy said...

I went to the t-shirt website and I would definetly get the "hot dog" shirt. That's MY STYLE!