Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This one's for Kare, who won't drive a mile and a half to see my new haircut, and insists that I put a picture on my blog. Kisses, Kare!

I just broke 10,000 words today on my novel. 32 Pages! But if I want to keep up I have to get 3,000 more words by the end of the day. That's 12 pages! ACK!!


Penelope Crackers said...

WOW!!! THat is so cute! You're definitely going to get asked to prom now. haha Thanks for letting me be lazy and for the kiss too. MmmwwhHHAaa (back attcha)

em said...

you should have gone for DREADS!! haha
it is really cute ;)

Catherine Hardy said...

I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE it! It looks great! Now I'm gonna want to cut my hair again. MAN! I'll do my best to curb the desire. After all, it is winter out here. (Well, as "winter" as East Texas can be in November).