Friday, September 29, 2006

I have not had chocolate for 48 days. I'm just a little more than 1/8th of the way through my self-inflicted self-control-enhancing (I hope) purgatory. *sigh* Yesterday I really wanted chocolate. I was convinced that if only I had some, all my problems would go away. Is that sick or what? Good grief.

We're in week 4 of homeschooling 1st grade. Not going as well as I hoped (mommy is slacking a little) but Connor loves it and the K12 curriculum is FANTASTIC!

I have sewed a few things in my day. Some skirts. One top (that sadly did not work out), and several quilts. And tons and tons of Halloween costumes and paraphanalia. Here is a pic from last year:

Yes, I was Princess Leia. Do. Not. Laugh. And there are my sons, Darth Vader(bought that one) and Luke Skywalker, and my dh Han Solo. Our suv, there in the back where you can't see it, was decked out with lights and jawas and an R2D2 that my dh built. We kinda get into Halloween. This year the boys are ALL being Indianna Jones, and I'm gonna be Miriam from movie 1, in Egypt, with the monkey and hideous red pants. I'll have to get a wig this year though, because I'm not dyeing my hair brown for Halloween twice in a row.

Anyway, I have started sewing my first REAL dress. One to wear for every day, not a costume. The dear sweet "A dress a day" blogger has inspired me. I need to scan the pattern, and the fabric, and then take some photos of my progress so I can post it. I'm nervous, the directions are complicated, and I've already screwed up the neckline (and NO I am NOT fixing it! The stupid thing is LINED for heaven's sake!) but I think if I let my hair grow.... anyway. More on that to come shortly.

In a week I leave for 4 days (my first trip away, alone! ACK!) for a quilting reatreat with my mum in my home town, Weaverville, CA. It's gonna be loads of fun and tomorrow I'm hopping down to Redondo Beach with friend Betsey to get some fabric. Woo hoo!! I hope that being away from my boys will not cause nervousness that overpowers the fun of being away. I'm sure I'll get over it. I'm such a nervous worrier! Stop it Kristen!

More later!

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Catherine Hardy said...

Yes... stop it Kristen! Have a good time. Think of it as practice for Women's Conference.

P.S. Thanks A LOT for inviting me on your fun quilting extraviganza! Tee Hee... just kidding. Have a wonderful time!