Sunday, July 23, 2006

I had the opportunity for the first time in my life to attend the annual Comic-Con in San Diego this Friday and Saturday. What an experience! Such a myriad of people there, many of whom had spent hours and hundreds of dollars on elaborate costumes. Kudos to all of the storm troopers, who looked fantastic! Haven't heard of comic-con? No way. Check it out

My husband learned that the trick to all things free is to allow an eager 6-year-old to drag you along the exhibition floor. People could not give enough stuff to them! My son is very proud of himself. His aunts are both trying to bargain themselves into possesion of some of his loot.

Two of my sisters have been visiting for the week and it seems like we have been going non-stop since they got here. Both are in high school, and have never seen anything resembling Los Angeles in their lives. For one it was her first plane trip. Tomorrow will be the first trip to Disneyland for both. They have had their first trip to a beach that is not 50 degrees and foggy. I am pleased that I get to be there for it all, since we did not get to grow up together, what with the gargantuan age gap between us.

The weather has become abyssmaly hot here. Even had some power outages yesterday apparently (we were gone). Today is looking no better. Our little LR air conditioner is struggling to reach into the bedrooms. And failing. I put my toddler to bed with his hair wet so he might not overheat during his nap, poor thing.

Happy July. More later.

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