Monday, June 26, 2006

Jo Rowling gave an interview recently in which she states that two main characters will die in the 7th and final installment of her Harry Potter books. You can read the article here . I'm not even going to guess. It just makes me sad.

Our Harry Potter bedroom is coming along impressively. Another week should see us all set, except for some antique furnishings that we are hunting down in shops around here as we go. Woo hoo!

Made a trip to the ER this weekend. These superbugs like MRSA are becoming frighteningly common. I have heard of several people who have had it. I had it just over a year ago. Traumatic! And now my 2 year old has it. More Traumatic! It really makes me itch to get out of this big dirty city. And then I have to sit and be grateful for all that I have because we're NEVER getting out of here!

-grateful, grateful, grateful....-

A big Kudos to Janet Evanovich on her 12th installment of the Stephanie Plum series. It was great! But as always, too short! It's been tough lately to find good stuff to read. All my life I have been almost entirely a sci-fi/fantasy reader, but good books in that genre seem to have become fewer and further between. (although I am very much looking forward to the next Mercedes Lackey/James Mallory book out this summer!)

I'm such a nerd. No more book talk.

Pirates II comes out in less than two weeks! Woo hoo! (ahem) I suppose I'd better stop before I reveal my entire gamut of nerdiness. Happy Monday! Nearly half through with 2006.... It's almost Christmas! Ack!

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craig said...

Harry and Voldemort. easy. Harry will realize that he is in fact one of Voldemort's soul transfer thingy's that let him live forever. Voldemort explains it to him in thier last battle when Harry has him cornered. "you can't kill me Potter..spittle spittle spittle.!" WE ARE THE SAME hhahahahahahahahah THEN WHAMMO! Harry shouts Suicidomos, the extreamely difficult to cast spell he heard about earlier on in the book and kills himself and the Dark Lord in one swoop. The end will be like the Return of the Jedi with spirit Harry embracing Mom, Dad, Sirius, and Voldemort. There will also be ewok music in the background...CHUB! CHUB!