Thursday, February 02, 2012

All about the baby. (Just don't tell him I still call him that - he gets mad)

This pic was taken by Craig's Aunt Pam, who visited us at the start of the year. She got a tour of DreamWorks while the big boys were in school.
Trying out the goggles. He made that face on purpose.

The arrival of "wolf friend". Wolf friend came into our lives after I got desperate for him to go to sleep one night and decided to tell him a wonderful story about himself. And his little wolf. And the train that they rode together to have great adventures.

I had to buy the wolf the next day.

Pondering the greater meaning of life.

Self portrait.

Naturally this is MY favorite...
So happy when he got big enough to hang out with Hannah's cat and have her not run away. Bliss.
Unfortunately, shortly after this photo was taken, sweet Chiquita left us (she was an old kitty) and now Van has a new kitty to woo. I'm sure she'll get used to him....


Maxine Parrish said...

Gah! For a second there I thought you had gotten another ultrasound that changed the sex of the REAL baby!

Nanette said...