Friday, August 05, 2011


At the Auburn Farmer's Market, inexplicably, there was an emu..

While my niece visited, she and the boys got surfing lessons. They did great!

The Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra had a fantastic Harry Potter fan art display until August 1st.

We went to Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens a couple of times. Both times I managed to forget a change of clothes for Van...

This does not illustrate what my big huge growing almost grown up kid has been doing all summer, it just really seems to display how stinking old he is now... SIGH!
It's been hot. Lots of ice cream cones.

My 7 year old defied death and rode the high wire bike at the California Science Center. His older brother and I were so scared of the heights that we could hardly stand against the railing to watch him. He did great - considering he was 3 inches below the height requirement and had to convince the guy running it to let him try it. He couldn't reach the pedals at their furthest; so he had to kick them hard so they'd come back toward his other foot. Afterward, he was shaking with adrenaline but very proud of himself for doing it!
I used the remaining Dalek fabric from Comic Con to make a baby blanket for some friends who are expecting. It was a hit!

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