Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I have a friend who recently moved across the country with 3 kids. And I have another who recently moved to a different country with 4 kids. And I do not know how they managed; because moving to a nearby city with 3 kids was quite the experience!

We slept in the back yard in a tent while we were painting. The boys loved it. They wanted to do it every day until the end of time.

And now that we're all (mostly. kindof) settled in, they have adjusted to the new location and new schools (more on THAT later) and more space.

During the two weeks before the move, my good friend Robin and my neighbor and friend Maxine took turns taking my kids and feeding them and keeping them sane.

Connor was out in the sun too much one day and started peeling - if you look closely you can see his skin is peeling off in a heart shape between his shoulder blades. heh.

Once I convinced him he wasn't dying of some weird disease, he thought it was pretty funny.

They stayed up late and played with random things left behind from the last tennant. Hopefully we didn't keep anyone awake.

It was tough at times, and we all stressed out a little bit, but we're back to normal now and everyone is happy.

especially mommy.


Maxine Parrish said...

Hooray for moving! Glad we're still (sort of) neighbors.

Gurgy said...

How sweet to be into your new place finally. I am so happy for you guys!

Catherine said...

Sure wish I had a tent and hammock when I camped out on the playground floor at the Chicago airport with my 4 kids on the way to Germany TO LIVE THERE!!!!!

Quit complaining! Sheesh!