Monday, December 21, 2009

haha. "i'll be posting much more regularly"... I'll just get right on that. :) 

been makin' stuff around here.

Dad's bread recipe is the best. Major comfort food. 

This is a baby quilt I'm making for a coworker of my dh.

Christmas is TOO SOON!  I'm not-quite-ready but the season has me all excited and it's going to be a fun week!


Nanette said...

You're crazy

Gurgy said...

Oh I want your dad's bread recipe =) pretty please!!

Staci said...

The quilt is beautiful and the bread sounds amazing.

We can't wait for Christmas eve!

Catherine said...

I wonder... could you send me some of that bread so I could blend it up and give it a try?! LOL!

Jealous of all "solid food eaters" right now!

BTW, I can't wait to have my Trader Joe's peppermint oreo's. They are the thing I am looking forward to the most!