Saturday, November 28, 2009

I decided to spatchc00k our turkey this year because our apartment gets really hot if the oven is on too long (thank you Martha Stewart).  Naturally it looked much easier, in the pictures of her magazine, to cut out the backbone and break the breastbone of a turkey:

But it turned out okay. In fact, it was terribly juicy and scrumptious. I will probably spatchcook every year from now on. Also, I made Pioneer Woman's sweet potato recipe and it was AMAZING.  Sweet potatoes are now my favorite food. 

The Harveys came down from Seattle to visit us. Van is almost as big as Nanette. (Craig declared that she had shrunk, which she appreciated).  We missed the Thomsons this year; sadly Hannah is fighting off The Dread Disease. But Nan insisted we take them dinner, and so they got to have some yummy food at least. 

And the kids kept busy all day building a lego Christmas scene. 

terribly sorry about the sad lack of posting.  Witness my declaration that henceforth it shall improve and shall also be interesting, inspiring, or funny. 



Erin said...

Um, what in the world is "spatchcook"?

Erin said...

p.s. is that a mallet for driving tent stakes in Craig's hand? Yikes.

Catherine said...

Yes... MANY questions and comments.

First, I'm with Erin on this one... what is "spatchcooking"?

Second, HOLY CRAP! Van IS as big as Nan!!!! Does "Spatchcooking" have something to do with his size!!!

Third, if it does, then apparently you are not eating the "spatchcooking" because you look fabulous in the background. You know... behind the "smashcooking" of the turkey.

Fourth, "what the heck!?!" Who's kids are that focused and make an entire Christmas scene with Legos?!!!??? We do manage a good jet or airplane here, but nothing themed. Wow! (Don't supposed your "spatchcooking" includes some secret ingredient to make your kids super-focused... I'm just saying...)

Gurgy said...

Agreed what is spatchcooking? Email the recipe =) for it and for the sweet potatoes, though any sweet potatoe recipe will have to go a ways to beat Nana's lol.


Nanette said...

I totally look like I have cleavage! How cool is THAT?!

Catherine said...

Of course, Nan, after that comment, we ALL had to go back and check out your voluptuous cleavage!