Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hannah and I went to see this movie last night and it was surprisingly good. I mean, I KNEW that I would like it because, hello, obvious, but it was even better than that.

I loved how the characters were not all typical and cliched. I love how two of the characters made really good decisions in their lives and didn't go the way of the world.

I loved that Marc Blucas was in it (RILEY!!!) and that one of the characters even mentions Buffy in a line.

Hugh Dancy was SO GOOD in this! I seriously did not love Ella Enchanted and I hadn't seen him in anything since - he was really fun in this one.

I love love LOVED how they made the characters in the movie parallel the characters' personalities and situations in Jane Austen's novels.


Hannah said...

I loved it too... it was a great girly movie with super-fun dialog. It may even be one that will end up in our vast collection :)

Nanette said...

No! Riley was in it! No Fair! Why was it PG-13? I'm glad it was everything you were hoping for.

corbeau said...

Nanette watches Buffy? I had no idea.

As for Heroes:
Oh MAN!! My DVR cut off ALOT! I see that I'm going to have to start taking Mr.Creepy Stalker Flyboy a little more seriously.