Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My sisters sent me this picture last week. Or, I guess that would be three weeks ago according to the date stamp. Has it REALLY been that long? Wierd. No wait, that stamp says 2006! HA! That date stamp is totally wrong!

Anyway - the point is, I miss the snow sometimes. The soft puffiness. The going-too-fast-on-an-unsafe-object-down-a-steep-hill. The quilt next to the fireplace, with hot chocolate. Okay yes, I miss hot chocolate too. :)

This is my baby sister Jacquie. She's ....*doing math*....11. She was 2 when I got married and 4 when her first nephew was born. She cannot remember me living at home (sob!) and she cannot remember life without my husband in it. (well, who would want to, really?) :)

It's wierd that my sisters are growing up without me around to watch. The past 8 years we have lived in Provo or Los Angeles, each a 12-hour drive from Home. Sharon and Nancy are practically adults (18, 16 respectively). sigh. I miss you guys.

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