Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Con Dress, 2011

So, WOW! I thought since this years dress was specific to ONE show, and not as general as the last one, I'd be less popular this year.

So wrong.

I fully counted how many people complimented my dress last time. Yeah, I'm not above that. This year, I stopped counting after the first 30 minutes. I was getting stopped for pictures so frequently I could hardly see straight!

The really horrible bad news though? I missed out on the panel that afternoon that had Matt Smith in it. *sigh* Destiny, interrupted.

Maybe next time. :)


Maxine Parrish said...

The dress looked so AWESOME!!!

Gretchen Alice said...

This is amazing. I'm so glad I know you. (Next year I'm going to be at Comic-Con FOR REAL.)

Kristen said...

You look so awesome! I love your dress! You have some mad skillz :)

Erin said...

Can I jsut say how GREAT you look? mmmmwaa!

Unknown said...

Love it!! Just purchased some of that fabric and some Tardis fabric from Spoonflower!